Thomas Osmonson


An encrypted cryptocurrency portfolio management tool.

Visual DesignBranding, NamingFrontend DevelopmentDevOps

Coins is an encrypted cryptocurrency portfolio management tool created on top of Blockstack. Built from the ground up to measure your performance at varying scales, from fine-grain to high-level insights. I lead the branding, design, and frontend development (UI engineering) of this project with my good friend Chase Wackerfuss.

Enter Blockstack Bounty

I got a call from my friend and fellow developer, Chase Wackerfuss telling me about a 'bounty' he saw for a portfolio application to be built on top of Blockstack. I hadn't heard of Blockstack before, but I had been wanting to enter the space of blockchain technologies and thought this would be great chance to do so!

Blockstack is an organization trying to build a new internet based off of the blockchain.

Update December 20th, 2017: We won!

Find it in the Blockstack browser

Coins is one of the first decentralized apps built on Blockstack. It lives in the main home screen of the blockstack browser. You can download and install blockstack, or view a demo of the app here.

Landing Page

In addition to all of the UI and UX of the main application, I designed and developed a landing page for the launch of the application. The timeline was tight, and as such I had to design and implement this page in only a few days. I am lucky to know a very talented illustrator, Fabricio Rosa Marques, through my work with Plotly. We hired him to create an illustration for the hero section.

The landing page is built in react using ZEIT's next.js for SSR it's statically exported and running in GitHub Pages.


We launched the application on December 20th, the day we learned we had won the bounty. Coins was featured on Product Hunt, and we got on the front page of Hacker News for a while. Some metrics of our first day live:

1. 3,686 unique visitors

2. Front Page of Hacker News (89 Upvotes and 38 Comments)

3. 192 Upvotes on Product Hunt

4. 275+ email subscribers