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A modern boutique located in St. Paul, MN.

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IDUN is a modern boutique storefront that offers collections from MYKITA, Young Frankk, Le Mont St. Michel and others. They wanted to up their emails to the next level after a period of rapid growth in popularity. They had been using various off-the-shelf templates through their email platform but felt that it was lacking and did not provide them with enough control.

I took their existing brand and extended it into a 100% custom email template with abstracted out components to provide them with as much flexibility they needed.

© Matt Blum

An email template for any occasion.

During our conversations, IDUN mentioned over and over again at how little control they felt they had over the look and feel of their email. They were forced into typical layouts and designs that didn't really match up with their aesthetic. They wanted an easy-to-use template that could be used in a number of different contexts: product spotlight, highlighting a blog post, event announcements, and a standard product grid.

I made the recommendation to stay with their current platform, Mailchimp, and I opted to leverage Mailchimp's markup tools to abstract out the differing layout blocks.

The design is inspired by the effortless style that is IDUN—a dancer, suspended in a moment of weightlessness; beautiful and confident. I wanted the design of the emails to be transparent, lifting the items and products showcased by IDUN above everything else.

An additional requirement that needed to be met was how the template would look on mobile devices. Developing for responsiveness with standard websites and applications is pretty straightforward in 2017. However, with email, we're stuck in the early 2000's. With dozens of clients to support and a wide range of rendering engines, developing responsive emails is... annoying. IDUN's emails will render on your Iphone X with a notch, or your dad's old Compac running Windows NT.

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