Thomas Osmonson


Visualize Data, Together.

Frontend DevelopmentCreative DirectionProduct DevelopmentVisual Design

Plotly is a technical computing company headquartered in Montreal, Canada. They are transforming how scientists, engineers, and business analysts visualize data through precedent setting open-source software.

I have worked with Plotly for a few years. I have implemented designs for their marketing pages, designed and developed websites for their conferences, and assited with their documentation & support systems.

The new and improved Plotly

I had the pleasure of implementing designs for the new Plotly from an amazing designer, Fabricio Rosa Marques. The team worked tirelessly on the new design and I then took the static sketch files and implemented them across all of the marketing pages that make up Plotly. There are numerous product, company and other pages that were included in the implementation.

The site is a server side rendered react application that pulls data from, processes all of its images via imgix, and is hosted on Github Pages as a statically exported version of the application.

How it's made

The new marketing pages for are build in react + redux, using next.js, a framework for universal isomorphic web applications. We're using as the headless CMS, leveraging their dynamic content models heavily to produce many different variations in layout. And finally all of the images are processed through

Documentation for everyone.

Documentation is the foundation of any widely used software library. The documentation for Plotly was in bit of a mess when I was brought into the project. Typography, colors and the overall design was inconsistent throughout their many pages of support. In addition to the design updates, none of the docs before were responsive. Now they work on any device of any size. 

I have worked on the docs over a few iterations. The most recent updates included a refresh of the design and markup to reflect the new branding.


The world's most visionary conference for data visualization.

PLOTCON is the conference that Plotly runs focusing in data visualization. They hold a conference every six months, jumping between the east and west coasts. I designed and developed their front-end websites for the conferences. In addition to the website, I created some collateral materials to be used during the conference.