Thomas Osmonson

Sever's Fall Festival

The Midwest's original Fall Festival.

Visual DesignFrontend DevelopmentBranding, IdentityCreative Direction
© Sever's Fall Festival

Sever's Fall Festival is one of the oldest autumn festivals in Minnesota. They are most known for their corn maze which has a different theme each year. In 2016 they started an initiative to rebrand themselves, moving away from being only known as a corn maze to being known as the fall festival they are.

I refreshed their branding and designed and developed a new website for them.

To help convey their autumn and fall meaning, their new branding brings in many of the colors you'd see during autumn. The colors are all the things I imagine when I think of autumn; a bright blue sky, oranges and yellows with accents of green. The mark itself is a badge that still displays elements from their past, a corn maze, while their name now speaks more directly to the fall festival. 

A new online home for a Minnesota staple

The design of the site continues on with the style and color palette of the new mark. I wanted to be able to display their beautiful photography very prominently on the site with large, full width imagery.

The site is a progressive web application built in AngularJs and it uses a custom-made, headless CMS as the backend. The images are processed through imgix and loaded through a CDN. Prerender,io is used to allow for accurate open graph data and metadata to be shared on social media. 

Family owned and operated.

Working with the Sever's was fantastic. They truly love what they do, and it show's throughout the whole festival. If you find yourself in Minnesota in autumn, do yourself a favor and attend Sever's Fall Festival.

© Sever's Fall Festival