Thomas Osmonson

Space Art

“I... a universe of atoms, an atom in the universe.”

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During my teenage years, I spent a lot of time both watching Star Trek and playing on the computer. These are pieces of digital art I did pre-2012.

I still remember the day I first used photoshop. My brother had just downloaded a copy of it, version 7 I think, and wanted to show me. He's the reason I am a designer today. Without ever using it, I don't know what I'd be doing today.

I spent a lot of time watching and reading science fiction, Star Trek and Farscape being some of my favorite shows. I had played around with making some of the space scenes I saw in TV, and over the course a few years, 2005-2011, I spent countless hours teaching myself photoshop, learning how to recreate some of my favorite science-fiction scenes, while also exploring my own made up scenes. 

These are some of my favorite pieces from that time period.