Thomas Osmonson

Tamarack & Co

A photography studio.

Visual DesignFrontend DevelopmentPhotography

Tamarack & Co. is the name I operate my photography studio under. The studio has a primary focus in street and travel photography. The name comes from my favorite tree, Larix laricina, or more commonly known as the Tamarack.

I strive to capture authentic moments that unfold in front me wherever I might be. I wanted to create an online portfolio that would render quickly without sacrificing image quality.

A home for street and travel photography.

Over the last few years, I've had the fortunate opportunity to travel to different parts of the planet. I've always been pretty interested in photography, and I purchased my first, and current, digital camera in February 2016. Since then I have taken it everywhere I've gone, and found a love for street photography.

I am absolutely captivated by people everywhere, and love to capture the authentic little moments that unfold in front of us everywhere. I have shot in places such as Tokyo, Valparaíso, Copenhagen, Berlin, Kyoto, Paris, Barcelona, and more.

My main profression is as a web developer and designer. I wanted to create a home for my photography that would take advantage of the latest web technologies. The site is a react application, loading data from and all of the photos are processed through imgix for on-the-fly compression, resizing and other adjustments.